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21 VOC General Purpose Solvent or another appropriate clean up solvent after each use. JT502 1K Primer Thinner 01 Shop-Line Reducer Selection Guide TEMPERATURE DESCRIPTION JR F Fast JR F Medium JR F Slow JR F Very Slow JR F Retarder JR50X Multi-Purpose Reducers JR50X series reducers are primarily used for thinning basecoats, single-stage topcoats, clears and primers.
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    JBP JR50x Reducer Potlife Indefinite Tinting JBP may be tinted up to10% with J mixing bases.

  • PRODUCT SIZE 04, 01, 05 JR506 Medium 04, 01, 05, 55 JR507 Slow 04, 01, 05, 55 JR508 Very Slow 01 JR509 Retarder 04 JR55XX Urethane Reducers JR55XX series urethane reducers are primarily used for reducing.
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